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The Benefits of Restoring Your Garden Furniture

A worn-out wooden garden bench.

Many of us develop a sentimental attachment to the furniture in our homes throughout the years we spend with it. Whether it's the first sofa we ever bought for ourselves or a cherished antique piece passed down from previous generations, we feel as if our furniture is part of our family. However, once our furniture starts to show its age or signs of wear and tear, we are often faced with a difficult choice: Get new furniture that serves your needs better and looks better, or stick with the old stuff that's falling apart but has sentimental value. What if we told you there is a third option that offers the best of both worlds? If you're unsure what we're talking about, it's furniture restoration. Today we are going to be talking about all of the benefits of restoring your garden furniture.

1. It’s Eco-Friendly

The first benefit we are going to mention is probably the most overlooked one, and that is environmental friendliness. Repurposing old furniture is much more eco-friendly than purchasing brand-new pieces. It not only eliminates the demand for new outdoor furniture, which saves both energy and materials, but it also reduces yard trash. Changing the color of existing outdoor furniture is a more environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing a whole new set, even if you're only seeking to spruce up your outside area.

2. It’s Cost Effective

These days buying new furniture can cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore, restoration may be the best alternative if you're trying to save costs. However, depending on the type of garden furniture you have, the restoration process is going to be different. For instance, the restoration of wood furniture is going to be a bit more expensive than, say, aluminium furniture. This is due to the fact that aluminium is much more durable than wood and, in most circumstances, simply needs a little cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. Wood, on the other hand, requires far more effort. You must cure it first, then add primer and wait before doing any decorative painting. However, both of these solutions are much less expensive than purchasing new furniture.

Paint brushes of various colours.

3. It Preserves the Sentimental Value

Pieces of furniture handed down through the family carry with them decades of memories that are priceless. If this is the case with your garden furniture, restoring it will be a much better option for you. While it is true that putting a new coat of paint on old furniture will make it look brand new, it will still retain the sentimental value it has earned through the years. This is something no other "fancy" garden furniture set will be able to give you. Therefore, if you care about preserving this history in your family and preserving the fond memories associated with your furniture, you should consider refurnishing it instead of buying a new set.

4. It Adds to the Quality

We can all agree that the quality of modern furniture is not up to par with older furniture. In fact, we think that most aging furniture from the past few decades is still of higher quality than what is produced today. Nonetheless, the quality of old garden furniture lies in its framework, and if you choose to refurbish it, you will retain the framework quality while giving it a shiny new look. Refinishing ancient furniture is necessary since today's cheap plywood does not last very long.

5. It Will Add Character to Your Old Furniture

Browse any furniture store today, and you will notice that the pieces are all pretty similar to one another. While the chair you just bought for your garden may be brand new to you, there are likely dozens of others like it in other people's homes. Restoring a piece of furniture gives it new life and a unique character. We especially recommend this to people who take home decor seriously. Since you will have many options for restoring your garden furniture, you will be able to tailor its new appearance to match your home's decor as much or as little as you like.

A dog rests on a garden bench near a garden chair.

How To Protect Your Garden Furniture

If you take the time and effort to restore a piece of furniture instead of replacing it, you probably care about it enough to keep it from falling apart again too soon. If that is the case, consider doing the following to ensure that your outdoor furniture lasts as long as possible:

  • Clean it: Removing the dust and dirt from your garden furniture will help to prolong its life and preserve its appearance.
  • Treat it: Stains and scratches are inevitable. That is why you need to make sure you treat them as soon as possible. Doing this will go a long way toward protecting your furniture from damage. You can do this by applying a coat of stain or a sealant to the affected parts of the furniture before they become too serious.
  • Keep it out of the sun: Too much sun exposure can damage your garden furniture, so try to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for too long.

  • Store it during winter: Excessive rain, wind, and snow can cause damage to unprotected outdoor furniture. Moving your furniture someplace else during the winter is a good idea, even if it's a long distance. Discuss this with your movers, along with the cost of moving heavy wood furniture, and make sure they know how to protect your furniture during transport.

A man applying a layer of varnish to a garden table.


These are just some benefits of restoring your garden furniture instead of replacing it. That said, one thing to remember is that unless you are a carpenter, attempting to restore furniture on your own is never a good idea. If you want your furniture appropriately restored and without any risk of damage, you should choose a professional restoration service. This way, you will ensure that your furniture is in the best hands.