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In order to keep it beautiful, your garden furniture requires proper care and maintenance. Your furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions ranging from harmful rays from the sunlight, to wind, rain and rapid temperature changes. As well as the harsh elements, your outdoor furniture gets dirty quite easily and if it isn't cleaned on a regular basis, the dirt can be 'baked' in by the sun, so a good brush will be needed to remove it. If proper care and maintenance is taken on your outdoor furniture, this will help extend it's durability and life, and thus prove a good investment.

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Raven Decor's Garden Furniture Restoration services have been restoring garden furniture for many years. There's a whole lot of advantages to having your outdoor furniture restored, for one thing, it generally costs a lot less to have your garden furniture treated than it would do to dispose of it and buy new. And not only that, who wants to sit outside in the summer enjoying a drink and something to eat on dirty garden furniture?!

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There's a whole host of different wood variations which inclue Teak, Pine, Ipe, Iroko along with well known brands like Westminster Teak, Alexandra Rose, Indian Ocean, Barlow Tyrie and so on. Anything from Tables and Chairs, Benches and Recliners, Steamer Chairs and Planters can all be brought back to their former glory.

So, whether you've got wooden garden furniture that needs treating, iron garden furniture that needs re-painting or even plain old plastic garden furniture that needs a good clean, you can count on Raven Decor to provide both quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, all at very reasonable prices.