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Your log cabin has a beautiful appearance. In order to maintain and enhance this, it is essential that the best possible wood treatment is applied.

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The greatest degree of breakdown in wood is caused by UV light along with all the other harsh elements such as wind, rain, frost etc. If you fail to have your log cabin treated, then this will result in deterioration to the appearance. Ultra Violet (UV light) is a form of high energy, which is of a particular wavelength that is able to penetrate woods surface. It actually breaks down and destroys the cellulose structure of timber because it is of high energy. Depending on how long the exposure is and how concentrated the UV is, over a period of time wood turns grey and eventually you will find that the surface powders.

The same thing goes for sheds and any other external item of wooden furniture that you have. It is highly important that the correct treatment is deployed in good time, otherwise the consequences could be disasterous and very costly.

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The interior of your sheds and log cabins aren't necessarily a vital part of your maintenance plan as these areas aren't exposed to the harsh elements of outside, however, the interior can be made more attractive with the right types of treatments, stains and oils put in place.

Whatever system or product you decide to treat your cabin or shed with, Raven Decor will make sure it is given the time and attention it deserves. A good job now will help ensure many years of enjoyment from your garden building.