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Five decorative paint techniques for walls

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Are you getting bored and tired of your living space? But lack the opportunity to move to another one? Maybe you don't have to sit in it, look at it and be sad anymore. Maybe there is a solution for you that is even easier and cheaper than relocation. Have you thought about redecorating your home? A few changes here and a couple of changes there can make a great impact on what your home looks and feels like. An awesome thing about this is that you can choose what kind of decoration you like the most and start with that. And later you can try something new to refresh your surroundings. So, today we will show you 5 decorative paint techniques for your walls that you can try out. Afterword, you can move on to shifting the furniture to your liking or anything else.

What is great about decorative paint techniques for your walls?

Aside from the fact that this is something you can change fairly often without a large impact on your budget. These decorative paint techniques are a perfect way to make changes in any room of your home without adding clutter to it. All other types of decoration mean that you will be adding things to your rooms, whether they are candles and decorative towels to your bathroom or a new mirror with an accent frame to your wall. And not to mention decorative cushions, blankets, and cute shelf decorating stuff all over your living room.

Picture on Blue Wall

Sure, they can all look nice, but they are certainly taking you away from the minimalistic style. If you continue with adding things up to your rooms, you will be calling a moving company such as sooner rather than later to relocate you to a bigger place because you will lack space. Plus, don't forget about the dust you have to wipe off every week and waste your valuable time.

What are the 5 decorative paint techniques to try?

Firstly, before you start a project like this, be honest with yourself. If you have some skills, maybe you can execute some of these ideas on your own. However, if you are not experienced in DIY projects, it's best to have professionals like Raven Decor handle your walls. That way, you will be sure that the look of your walls is in the right hands.

And here are the techniques to try:

  • stripes on the wall
  • polka dots
  • stencils
  • metallics
  • color wash

Once you discover what your options are, you will be having a hard time deciding which one to try first! But, don't worry. Since there are a lot of rooms in your home, guess what? You don't have to pick only one, you can apply more decorative paint techniques.

Stripes on the wall

Stripes can never get old. There are so many variations of stripes in every segment of d├ęcor, so you can always find a place for them. Whether you like stripes horizontal or vertical, it doesn't matter, they present a timeless decor staple. They all go great with all kinds of styles because there are so many ways to incorporate them. Stripes are also great for achieving different visual effects. If you want your room to appear longer, you should decide on horizontal stripes. You can go with either thin, subtle ones or the large and bold contrast stripes in different colors.

Flowers against striped wall

However, if you decide to go with this timeless style, you should really hire a wall covering service, since this is something you want to be done right. It is not going to look very nice if your stripes are not parallel, is it? And that is a hard DIY project, so leave it to professionals to handle it and make it look perfect.

Polka dots

You can't afford professional services at the moment but you are keen on making some changes? Then polka dots are one of the fabulous decorative paint techniques for your walls. Why? Because this is actually the project you can perform on your own. And not just that. This is the kind of project that you can include your children into, as well. Polka dots are a playful way to bring back life to the outdated coloured wall. Since they are also very easy to apply, you and your children could strategically place them on the walls of the kids' room together. Once you get bored, take them off and maybe put new ones in a different color.


If you like the DIY project so much, you will like this paint technique for your walls as well. Stenciling is very popular just because you don't have to hire professional wall covering services. On the other hand, it adds intrigue and sophistication to your rooms. You just have to choose which stencils you like the most.

Stencilled Wall

Again, you can use different ones for different rooms, or you can stick to the same theme that will run through your whole home. And since you will save money on hiring professionals, you can think about hiring cleaning services to help you clean afterword. Especially if that is not going to be the only remodeling project you do at a time.


If you want for everyone to really notice and talk about your walls, metallic walls are the way to go. You can choose different colors, but also a different part of the wall to apply the paint. However, we would recommend professionals to do this artistic job since you don't want it to look sloppy. And while you're at it, make sure to hire professionals that can handle your art collection as well, if you are doing a bigger remodeling project. Or if you want to switch rooms for your art collection. It's best not to risk damaging it by moving it on your own.

Colour Wash

Another easy paint technique to apply is color washing. It adds depth and texture to a room and it also makes a room look more vintage. So, if this is a style you are going for, be sure to try this technique.

Colour wash wall

You can either try a vibrant color-washed wall or choose a more natural one. Whatever the case is, first coat your walls with a satin base paint. After that, you can use a large brush and paint over the wall with a nice glaze. You will get a nice, cozy look in no time and you will certainly enjoy the change.