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5 Tips to Help You Decorate Your New Home

Finally, after an age of searching, you've found the home that seems perfect for you. It's in a great neighborhood, it's got all the extra space you need, and it's packed full of fantastic features. All you need to do now is make that incredible new house feel like a home.

Painting and decorating your new property are about more than showing your sense of personality and style. With the right tips, you can make it easier to settle into an unfamiliar home and ensure that you end up with the property of your dreams. While there's no one-size-fits-all strategy for perfect painting and decorating, the following tips should help you to get the right results.

1. Set the Tone from the Front Door

While you're changing the locks on your new front door, why not give it a splash of paint at the same time? The colour you paint your door can help to set the tone for your entire house, and welcome visitors in with a quirk of personality. Get rid of an old door that doesn't work properly, or doesn't offer the security you need, and start fresh with something bright and cheerful.

2. Keep Wall Colours Neutral

While it's tempting to go crazy with your paint colours when you first move into your new home, it's generally a better idea to keep it simple - at least until you work out for definite what you want to do with your house. Neutral colours are easy to dress up and down, and they're not going to be a nightmare to paint over if you decide you want to try something new. Plus, light colours can make your rooms look larger.

3. Hang a Mirror in Almost Every Room

Speaking of making your space seem larger and more welcoming, consider hanging mirrors in your rooms to add depth to your space, and bring a focal point to the area. Remember, if you're transporting your mirrors from your old home to your new one, you're going to need to be extra cautious, double-wrap them with bubble wrap, and get the help of a professional moving company to help you.

4. Let the Sun In!

Forget about heavy drives and bulky blinds unless they really add something incredible to the rooms you're decorating. One of the best ways to make your home look truly incredible is to open it up to as much natural sunlight as possible. Remember that you'll need to keep the sun in mind when choosing furniture too. If your rooms get a lot of sun, choose colours that are less likely to fade.

5. Make Sure your Furniture Talks to Each other

Finally, when arranging your furniture in your new home, remember to make sure that it talks to each other. This means creating a space that feels communal and welcoming. When arranging your chairs, make sure that they're all facing each other rather than staring at a wall. Your professional painting and decorating team will be able to help you arrange your furniture in a way that makes your property look truly incredible.