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Raven Decor is proud to offer it's clients a high quality interior decorating service that is value for money. Jobs range from the glossing of one interior door, right up to the entire re-decoration of a whole property. Whatever decorating job you require, we can help.

Preparation of Surfaces

Preparation is the most important part of any decorating work and is by far the most time consuming. A poorly prepared surface will severely effect the finished work dramatically. That's why we take a lot of time and care on this part of the work and it's not uncommon for 3/4 of the whole decorating service being taken up by all the preparation work.

All woodwork is sanded down and filled accordingly in order to provide the best quality finish with paints and varnishes. Walls and ceilings will be sanded to remove any blemishes and old wallpaper removed ready for installation of new wallpaper

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Emulsion Painting

Emulsioning of your ceilings and walls will be completed with Johnstone's paint that we will pick up for you prior to the job. If there is another brand of paint you would rather use, then we are happy to come in and use your products for the job in hand

Gloss Work / Eggshell

A great deal of time and effort is put into our gloss work to ensure that the best possible finish is achieved. Any holes in wood will be filled, old paint scraped off if necessary and sanded down to remove any blemishes ensuring a smooth top finish


Old wallpaper will be removed accordingly and the walls and ceilings prepared for the new wallpaper. Care will be taken to ensure that a patterned paper is matched up perfectly* and that no bubbles are left behind the paper. The correct tools are used to gaurantee a straight line everytime so no finished papered wall is left lopsided!

*Please note we can only work to the condition of the wall. If a wall is out by a considerable amount then the pattern will not match up in certain areas. The customer will be advised of this after we have examined the job for the quote so that you have enough warning to take action, be it replastering your walls or selecting an alternative wallpaper


Chest of drawers, chairs, tables, anything wooden! We can sand down and then varnish, stain or paint to breath a bit more life back into your tired looking household furniture


Use of specialist flooring paint to cover concrete floors, wooden floors etc. Sanding down of wooden floors and either stained with a protective wood stain or varnished to bring the original colour of the wood shining through