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Wood fencing not only looks beautiful in a garden but compliments its natural surroundings, however if it is not carefully maintained every year, it will inevitably decay and begin to look worn. Properly maintained fencing and gates should last decades and continue to look great throughout the years.

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Your wooden fencing is at constant battle with unpredictable British weather which can damage and wear the fence down. Caring for your fencing is essential and this only has to be done on an anual basis.

Timber fencing can be damaged by a whole variety of things but 2 of the main causes of damage to be aware of is rot. Dry rot and wet rot. If your wood is left untreated, either of these rots can cause serious damage to your fence, often leaving it unrepairable and leading to the whole fencing panel needing to be replaced.

As soon as your fencing is installed, we strongly advise that it is treated straight away with a high quality oil based timber treatment in order to prevent any of these problems. Treating your fence once a year is essential when trying to prevent any rot or decay.

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The same goes with gates, whether they are part of the fence, inbetween brick walls and attached to posts besides hedges, it is important to ensure that all the timber is treated adequately and any metal fittings such as hinges, locks etc are protected from the weathers so they don't rust.

If you have decided to go for the iron option rather than wood, Raven Decor will treat all of your iron fences, gates, garage doors, patio heaters etc to ensure that no rust attacks the metal leading to eventual decay.