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How to properly pack your home decor for an international move

Moving abroad is an exciting time on so many levels: new chances, new opportunities, new lifestyle. However, when moving into a new place, we always want to bring a part of our old lives with us, which usually includes décor pieces and favorite furniture. Decoration items are often difficult to pack, as they are generally fragile, and therefore, often left behind. Luckily, you don’t need to do that. There's no need to give up your favorite pieces just because they are a bit more challenging to pack. In this article, you’ll learn how to pack your home décor for an international move and bring all the things safely to your new house.

Revise your inventory list

Before you go into the packing process, be sure to revise what you’re bringing to the new home. As international moves can get pricey, use every chance you get to save some dollars. One of these chances is undoubtedly decluttering your home before you start packing. Things you can easily replace in the new country are maybe not worth packing and moving. Perhaps you will not need so many decorative items if you are moving to a smaller apartment. Also, get rid of the items you no longer need or use or décor pieces that don't reflect your style. This will make packing simpler, and your moving costs more affordable.

White chair besides 5 paintings

Gather all the supplies

Once you start packing, you should have all the packing supplies you need. This will help you pack faster, and don't run to the store multiple times if you need anything. However, don't buy too many packing supplies and create unnecessary waste. Try to make an inventory list, and this way, you can estimate the number of boxes and other supplies you'll need to pack for the move. Here are some items to add to your shopping cart so you can pack your home décor for an international move with ease:

  • sturdy moving boxes – be sure to get boxes of various sizes or according to your inventory list. Even though you can get moving boxes for free, be sure to avoid that when packing fragile items, as these boxes can be damaged after being used once before.
  • bubble pack/packing paper – as you're packing delicate items, make sure you have a lot of protection for them;
  • packing peanuts – don’t save on packing protection. When you pack your home décor for an international move, they need to travel long-distance well-protected.
  • heavy-duty tape – make sure to double-seal each box, so get enough of it before you start packing.
  • a dolly – moving heavy boxes around and loading them onto a truck is much easier with a dolly
  • scissors
  • markers for labeling the boxes or stickers that say 'fragile.'

This is an essential packing kit you'll need for most of the items. Read the rest of the text about specialty items that require some additional packing supplies not included in this list.

Ask professionals for help

An international move is not only about packing. The whole process can be confusing and overwhelming if you plan to do it on your own. Maybe it’s best to let professionals organize the process and ensure your belongings arrive safely to the new home.

Packing mirrors and frames

Some of the common décor items people pack for shipping are mirrors and frames. These are breakable, and you should handle them with care while relocating. Be sure to wrap them well, and then use the tape to seal the wrapping. Put the item in a box that’s not too big or too small, so there's less space for it to move around. Don't forget to seal the box well and label it on several spots to ensure it's handled carefully during transport.

White ceramic sink with mirrors on tiled wall

Art sculptures

Any heavy pieces, such as art sculptures, require sturdier boxes and more protection. It's best to wrap them and line them with cardboard before putting them in a box. This will provide additional cushioning and reduce moving during transport. Furthermore, you can use foam pipe insulation to protect any parts that stick out. Again, make it very clear that the item in the box is fragile, so label it with stickers or using a marker.

Remember: Storing oversized items can be a challenge for people who move to another country. The reason can be less space in the new apartment, or you’re staying at a temporary place at first. Either way, use a storage space to keep art pieces safe and sound until you need them and free up space in your home.

Plants and candles on table

Other tips for packing your home décor for an international move

Even though some of the things seem apparent, there's no harm in remembering some useful tips for packing fragile home décor. We advise you to:

  • use medium or small boxes – it's not smart to overpack your moving boxes and make them too heavy to carry and risk the items inside.
  • leave no space inside the boxes– in case there’s some free space in the box, be sure to fill it with some peanuts or paper. Furthermore, stuff any hollow item to reduce the risk of breaking.
  • pack heavy items on the bottom

And finally, take your time when you pack your home décor for an international move. Both you and your boxes need to travel long-distance, so ensure they are ready for the trip. Carefully pack each item and minimize the chances of damage and additional costs. Bon voyage!