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Bathroom decorating ideas

We all want to look our best at all times. As our living space is a reflection of who we are, we shouldn’t ignore the way it looks either. Having a beautiful home will not only impress your guests but also have a positive impact on your mood. Although most people put more effort into decorating the living room and kitchen area, the bathroom deserves equal attention. If you’re looking for bathroom decorating ideas that are both easy to do and inexpensive, you have come to the right place.

A bathroom sink

Transform your walls


The walls are a big part of your bathroom. Therefore, they should not be dirty or boring. A simple coat of paint will freshen up the whole bathroom provided that you choose the right color. For example, opt for light colors for the walls and darker, richer tones for accents. You can do the job yourself or use professional decorating services if you’re not skillful enough or don’t have the time for this project. And why stop with the walls? Repaint the bathroom furniture as well. To prevent moisture, the enemy of every bathroom, use an additive that keeps paint from mildewing.


If you are tired of looking at your old tiles and want to change things up a little bit, but you’re not ready for a more serious remodeling project, worry not. You can get adhesive tiles that are removable, easy to cut and install. You can remove them by yourself without damaging the surface underneath them.


Alternatively, you can dress up your walls with interesting wallpapers to spruce up the bathroom. Bear in mind though, that wallpaper doesn’t like water. So, cover only the upper half of the walls – the lower half should be tiles. To save some cash, use vintage magazine scraps as wallpaper. This is the cheapest way to decorate your walls, and it looks really cool if you’re into retro design, one of UK’s most popular interior designs.

Wall art

Find water resistant canvas prints and make your bathroom a mini art gallery. Why not make customized wall art, perhaps using your favorite photos? Make sure your wall art does not clash with the wallpaper, though. You can easily go overboard with multiple colors and patterns.

a bathroom with wall art

Upgrade your bathroom lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when reinventing your bathroom. The right kind of lighting will make your bathroom look not only fresher, but also larger. This is good to know when decorating a small apartment. With outdated lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting, you’ll get odd-looking shadows and color hues on different surfaces. Although switching out lighting fixtures shouldn’t be too complicated, it is always better to leave electrical projects to professionals. If replacing your lighting fixtures is not an option at the moment, make sure you pick the bulbs that cast a warm light, similar to natural light on a sunny day. LED lighting fixtures are the most energy efficient option, plus, they won’t heat your bathroom up.

Make extra storage space

This is one of those bathroom decorating ideas that are also very practical. Bathrooms are often small and cluttered. Having all of your products on display makes the bathroom look messy. Luckily, there are creative ways to introduce more storage space. For example, leaning a wooden ladder against a wall adds more space to put your robes and towels. For a more traditional look, install a small furniture-style cabinet or shelves above the sink, toilet or wherever you find convenient. Adding pull-out drawers into the cabinet is another space-saving idea. If your bathroom is still cluttered, find alternative storage space elsewhere in the house or look for a local moving and storage company on and have your excess items moved to a storage unit.

Add a touch of metal

Our final bathroom decorating ideas involve small finishing touches that add personality (plus, everyone can afford them). Metallics can really add class to a bathroom. Brass and copper are particularly popular these days. Gold can also look great. And if you cannot replace all of your faucets, something as small as a mirror, hook or soap dish will do the trick.

Add plants

Nothing brings life to a room like a living thing. Real or fake, plants are always a nice addition to any bathroom. Orchids are a good choice for a bathroom, as they like humidity but also brightness. Although real plants are more sophisticated, they require more dedication. If you are not sure you can keep them alive or there is not enough light, opt for artificial plants. You can find some that look real and display them wherever you find suitable.

A bath tub in the center of a bathroom with plants

Get a new rug, shower curtain and towels

Your old, mismatched textiles have got to go. In case there is a colour theme going on in your bathroom, find printed textiles in that colour or one that goes well with it. A new shower curtain with geometric shapes costs little but does a lot for your bathroom design. A rug can bring warmth, color and texture to an otherwise cold, boring bathroom. If you have a dirty, old mat underneath the sink, make sure you replace it with a new one. You don’t need a Persian rug to make your bathroom look classy. Just find one that compliments the rest of the décor.