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Most popular interior designs in the UK

Are you tired of looking at your same old boring house? The furniture needs changing and updating, the walls need a new color? Maybe it is time for a change! If you are from the UK or anywhere else in the world, here you will find what is popular nowadays and how to make your home more aesthetically pleasing. However, before you decide to make this change, you need to declutter and clean your house. Also, if you are planning to move to a new house and decorate it from scratch, make sure to store your belongings before moving out of Tucson, since it is a process that requires a bit more time. Whatever the case is, keep on reading to find some of the most popular interior designs in the UK.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design captured the hearts and eyes of decor lovers and interior designer around the globe a long time ago. This is a very pared-back look combined with simple lines. Earthy and cherry color palettes, together with geometric prints and natural materials dominate this design. It is one of the most popular interior designs in the UK right now. Bear in mind, that this look is for people who love minimalism. Less is definitely more. So, try not to overcrowd your living space and focus only on the essentials. Moreover, there should be one dominant color, and everything else should be accustomed to it. Organic textures are also a must.

Scandinavian style

Luxury Lovers

Luxury lovers are the complete opposite of the previously mentioned Scandinavian style lovers. They like being over the top. Moreover, for them, more is more! Dramatic decorative accessories are a must. Also, colors like brass and gold dominate this look. They focus on high-end pieces such as expensive furniture, glamorous antiques or opulent artwork. There is usually a centerpiece or a focal point such as a large elegant fireplace, piece of art or a view through the window. Lighting is also important. This luxury style is especially popular in living rooms and home offices. Many people decide to move their offices to their homes, so if you are one of them, consider this style. Who knows, maybe it will be better for your work.

Luxury Lovers

Bohemian Style

The word ‘bohemian’ refers to someone who is socially unconventional and often involved in some sort of arts. The same goes for the Bohemian style - it is very different and hard to miss. It is becoming more and more popular, not just in the UK, but all over the world. If you want to achieve this look, start with a simple base. Have a painting and decorating contractor paint your walls and adjust your carpets in neutral and earthy tones. This neutral base will allow you to pile up expressive color and pattern for the perfect mix without looking "over the top". Another characteristic of this look is having low-lying furniture. Low-backed sofas, scattered with plenty of plush and comfortable throw cushions is the way to go. Also, use a lot of decorations. Pictures and mirrors on the walls are a great touch. Moreover, bohemians really enjoy greenery. So, make sure to fill your room with pots and plants.

Bohemian Style

Eclectic Style

Eclectic style is actually mixing and matching many different styles to get a completely and utterly new look. This may seem chaotic, but try to do a detailed research on this design and maybe hire some professionals to help you achieve this look. So, first things first, start with a color palette. A neutral base is advised for all the large walls and pieces of furniture. Speaking of furniture, it is okay to have one oversized piece, but having three or four of them will just make the room look uncomfortable and chaotic. Even though this look is a combination of many different styles, all the things in a room should have something in common, they need to work together. You can mix the colors and choose contrasting colors. For example, if you have a lacquer table, consider having a white Mongolian rug underneath. Finally, trust your gut! The point of eclectic style is to surround yourself with the things that you love and to somehow combine them.

Electric Style

Retro Style

To be honest, this style has been around for several decades, but it had a major comeback in 2018 and is going to be pretty popular type of interior designs in the UK in 2019 as well. So, what is retro style? This decorating style usually has a fun, lively feel to it, with bright colors and wild designs. There is nothing easygoing or casual about retro-style decorating, on the contrary, it is very loud and busy. Many say it is funky as well. One of the easiest things you can do to make a room feel retro is to give your walls a makeover. So, call a painting company and let them paint your walls in colors like avocado green or mustard yellow. Colors like pink and purple are also welcome. Unusual decor is the key. Miss-matched furniture is common. Big pieces of furniture should be paired with fuzzy throw rugs, door beads, lava lamps, skate tables, scoop stools and a lot of books.

Retro Style