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Wallpaper vs. Paint: Which Is the Best Choice?

wallpaper vs. paint – which is the best choice for a white room

Improving your home is a big deal. There are many choices you need to make while considering your budget, design, and your home’s features at the same time. This can be overwhelming, as every project we do in our homes can be done in so many different ways with various materials, tools, and techniques. Refreshing your walls is one of those projects. You choose between painting and putting wallpaper on them, and both of these techniques have some pros and cons. While the final decision will depend on the effect you’re looking for, it’s good to consider both options in detail. So, wallpaper vs. paint – which is the best choice?

Choose according to the room

When picking the best wall covering technique, consider the space first. Your decision will depend on the room that you’re doing, as not all the rooms in the house have the same humidity condition. For example, wallpapers are not a great option for kitchens or bathrooms as these rooms tend to have higher humidity that can cause peel-offs. However, if you’re living in a high-humidity area, putting wallpaper is not a wise decision for any room in your home. Paint is a much better option for humid rooms, as they don’t soak the moisture as wallpapers do. Use paint for your bathroom or kitchen, and save the wallpaper for dry areas of your home, such as the living room, home office, bedroom, or dining room.

choosing between wallpaper vs. paint in a black and white home office

Consider the effect you want to achieve

Another aspect to consider when deciding between paint or wallpaper is the interior of your home and the effect you want to achieve with the wall covers. Nowadays, you can find paint in probably every shade or color you can imagine and make combinations according to the space. Paint can also come in a variety of finishes, such as matte, satin, and gloss. This gives you many possibilities to experiment and adapt the color and its finish to the interior. However, if you’re looking for a more interesting turn on the walls and a unique look, wallpapers can help you achieve that. Modern technology excels in the production of wallpapers of so many different designs, textures, and quality, with an array of styles to choose from. They are perfect for creating an accent wall in a room that will be the first thing that grabs your attention.

a paintbrush with white paint on it

Wallpaper vs. paint – what’s easier to apply?

If both wallpaper and paint can achieve the effect you’re looking for, consider other factors that can help you decide. The application can be one of those, as these two methods require different tools and skills. Painting the walls seems like a simpler task than applying wallpaper. However, even though it can be done without hiring professionals, this project can be a lot messier and take much longer than you expected. However, if you’ve got experience with painting walls, you can make this a rather simple and affordable project. When it comes to wallpaper applications, it’s best to hire an expert to help you out. This task includes several steps, and if one is not done correctly, your wallpapers may not look good, have air bubbles, or peel off very soon.

two people painting a home

The cost

The chances are you have a limited budget for beautifying your home. In that case, calculating the cost of painting or wallpaper application is necessary to help you decide what’s the best choice. However, it’s not easy to determine what’s a more affordable option. The answer will depend on the size of your home, the quality of paint or wallpaper, and the fact you’re getting expert painting services or not. But in general, you should know that paint can be a rather cheap solution, whereas wallpapers last longer. Even though they are more expensive, wallpapers are a more cost-efficient choice, as they can last for years. Painting the walls can be initially less expensive to do, but expect to repaint the walls after a while.

Remember: when it comes to durability, wallpaper technique wins. High-quality paints can last up to five years – after that, expect some change of color and chipping. On the contrary, wallpapers can be a long-term solution if you invest in high-quality ones, maintain them properly and be careful to avoid tearing.

Protect your walls when moving into a new home

A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper – the best choice will depend on your needs and budget. However, make sure your walls remain intact during the move-in process. It’s surely easier to do the walls without all the furniture and other items in the rooms, but they can get damaged easily when you start bringing those items in. Michael Brooks Moving professional advise dismantling big and bulky pieces beforehand and putting them together once you move them into a room. Also, protection and wrapping are essential to avoid dents or scratches on both your furniture and walls. However, hiring experienced pros will help you the most, as they have all the skills and tools to make this move as safe as possible.

Hire professionals to help you out

Relocations and renovations are a handful of tasks, which is why getting the right kind of help is often necessary. Hire expert movers to remove household items to a safe place until you’re done with painting or wallpaper application. This will simplify the process a lot and protect your items from dirt, paint, glue, and other hazards.

More tips on moving in without any damage to the walls

  • Clear the way – make sure there are no obstacles in the way when carrying large pieces of furniture. Tripping or slipping on something will not only increase the risk of damaging your walls but it can cause a serious injury
  • Use a dolly – make moving large items as easy as possible by using a moving dolly
  • Wrap all the sharp objects – wrap all the sharp and fragile objects when carrying them into your new home. Know what moving supplies for fragile items and materials you should use to wrap all the items that can break easily and create damage to your property

So, wallpaper or paint, which is the best choice for you?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing color covers for your property. However, you need to consider the conditions in your home before making the right decision – wallpaper vs. paint; what’s best for your home? Take some time to think about the effect you want to achieve so you can get what you want without wasting money or time.