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Home improvements to make before moving in

You’ve bought your first home and you’re excited. Even though you probably can’t wait to move in, it’s necessary to finish certain tasks before you do so. One of them is surely making some necessary home improvements.

Adapting the new house to your family’s needs is something that will surely pay off and make you feel more comfortable. However, it needs to be done before you move in, to avoid all the mess around the house while you’re living there. To make sure you don’t forget anything, or serve as inspiration, we’ve made a list of home improvements to make before moving in – check it out and start making your house better!

Plan the details of home improvements to make before moving in

Before you start making home improvements, make sure you take the time to plan it out first. Buying a house means spending a lot of money. Therefore, any further house repairs and improvements should be planned carefully. Think about what your priorities are first, and plan your budget. Of course, some things can be done even after the move, so focusing on the most important tasks is key before the move-in day.

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Wall paint

Changing the color of the walls is not easy to do once all your furniture is in the house. Therefore, tackling the paint should be done before moving in. The previous owner probably had a different style, as well as different furniture, so the current color may not suit your preferences. Think about what you want your new home to look like, and choose a color palette that suits your style. You can always pick one of the basic colors and use decorative paint techniques to add more character. This will make the new space more interesting and give you the feeling of a fresh start.

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Fix the floors

Again, this is one of the tasks you should do before bringing in all the belongings. Make a detailed inspection of the floors and carpets, and check if they need some improvement. These usually include cleaning, removing the scratches and scuff marks, but also sanding and using special wood protection. Consult a professional if necessary to make sure you do everything properly.

Maximize the space

Moving into a new home is the perfect chance to make more space for your items and have the most practical home possible. So, before you bring all the moving boxes and start unpacking, make sure you install additional shelving, add closets, and organize your home efficiently.

Home improvements to do before moving in – the roof fixes

To avoid potential leakage problems and, of course, additional costs, check the roof in your new house. Any holes should be fixed immediately, so you can be free of mildew and mold, and avoid damage to the wooden constructions under the roof.

Think about safety, too

Very often, due to the huge excitement and a busy schedule, people forget to secure their new home first. Security should be the priority of the moving process, so be sure to change the locks, and install some additional security systems.

Changing the locks as one of the home improvements to make before moving in

Moving with kids?

One of the top-priority home improvements to make before moving in is child-proofing the new house. If you’re moving with children, protect them from all the potential dangers. Secure the cabinets and outlets, and install baby-gates on all stairs in the house. These will be helpful if you have pets, too.

Prepare your home for winter

If you’re moving to an area with cold winters, checking your home’s heating system and insulation is very worthwhile. If the house has the proper insulation, you’ll have a warmer house and lower heating bills when the winter comes.

Adapting electrical systems

Buying a house of an older age usually includes potential electrical problems. The most common issue is the lack of electrical outlets. Nowadays, with many gadgets, smart home systems, etc, people need more outlets than decades ago. Therefore, before you move, improve your home’s electrical capacity, so you can plug in all the devices once you arrive.

Get rid of pests

Pest control is one of the things you need to do before you move in – even if you haven’t seen any. To prevent unwanted guests in your house, make sure to contact a professional and protect your home from ants, cockroaches, mice, etc. It’s better to do this on time than have an unpleasant surprise when you notice these unwanted ‘friends’.

Clean the home thoroughly

One of the tasks people often don’t consider a home improvement project is house cleaning. And we don’t mean a regular wash – it’s necessary to do a deep clean of the house before all the items are moved in. Windows, floors, kitchen, bathroom, drawers, and shelves – make everything spotlessly clean and have a fresh start in the new home. If you don’t have the time or equipment to do this on your own, getting professional cleaning services might be the right option.

Install/Check the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Last but not the least, checking these alarms should take priority on the list of home improvements to make before moving in. Change the batteries, and see if everything works properly to make your home as safe as possible.


There’s a lot of work to do around the house. Even though it seems overwhelming, it pays off – big time. Investing time, money, and energy into your home will make it your sanctuary, a safe place where you will always feel good. Long and stressful days at work will not be as difficult when you know you will come back to your amazing new home and feel as comfortable as possible.